About us

Our company was founded in 2009. At the beginning we concentrated on the dissemination of the Naturex Green Cell corn starch based foam in Hungary and in East-Central Europe, and the replacement of plastic (fossil fuel) based packaging foams and packagings. In 2010 we mainly dealt with the production and sale of corrugated cardboard based boxes. The first complex packaging solutions appeared in 2011 with the combination of multiple materials.


2In 2012, based on the previous experiences, we restructured our market strategy, and put the emphasis on packaging development and redesign. Our redesigned packagings are more environmentally conscious, and typically their cost level is also lower. This period was the start of a strong boost in trade; we started our operations on the Slovakian market in 2013.


In 2015, we had our previously established and well-managed Quality Management System audited by the TÜV, and we obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 integrated certification. In 2016, in addition to the Hungaropack awards that we had received during the previous years, we also earned the highest professional recognition, the WorldStar packaging international award. In the same year, we started the certified, authorized repair of EPAL Gitterboxes (GiBo) as the only ones in Hungary.


We consider ourselves as packaging system integrators, engineering solution providers, material-independent packaging developers, and as a company who deals with packaging material and packaging management.

Our company is owned by Hungarian private persons.

Owners: Zsolt Ladányi, Tibor Vaszkó

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