Corrugated cardboard boxes

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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Our raw material suppliers provide us with sheet compositions assembled using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. They sometimes provide the proper strength with lower weight, or by carefully combining the specially chosen layers, they manufacture commodities designed for the desired function. During the processing, pallet-sized boxes, cut-out inserts, printed mantles, etc. corrugated cardboard solutions are made in our plant.
We also process HPL commodities in ESD conductive version with the appropriate surface treatment.

The corrugated cardboard offers a wide range of possibilities for printing. The simplest printing technology is the so-called screen printing. Typically small series, 1 or 2 colours. We complete small series (or even a single piece!!) with higher colour resolution, using digital printing technology. Larger amounts of simpler prints are made in 4 colours using flexography, photo quality prints are created using offset printing technology. Additional surface finishing is also possible: UV, matte, glossy lacquering can be realized. The significance of these has grown considerably with the development of online commerce; contact us for further possibilities and consultation.




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